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Stel je eigen pakket samen. De basis van dit pakket is de Littmann Classic III stethoscoop, een reflexhamer en een penlight. Vul dit gerust aan, je voordeel kan fors oplopen!

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A worthy successor to the Littmann Classic II SE

The new 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope provides excellent acoustic performance during physical examination. The stethoscope has 'tunable technology' and is easy to keep clean thanks to design improvements. New for the Classic line of stethoscopes is the application of a combined (large) adult and a (small) pediatric diaphragm, making this stethoscope ideally suited for physicians who examine both children and adults. In particular physicians, who do regular lung auscultations, will come to appreciate the small pediatric diaphragm. The Littmann Classic III is an excellent choice for anyone, for whom a single tube stethoscope provides enough performances – like its predecessor Littmann Classic II SE. The new series “III” mark presumably refers to the Littmann Cardiology III, the Classics III’s big brother. The main difference between the two is the Cardiology III’s double tubing. In the meantime, Littmann has stopped production of the Littmann Cardiology III line and the improved Littmann Cardiology IV has been introduced. Therefore, the Littmann Classic II is an excellent choice for those who have had good experiences with a single tube stethoscope, such as the Classic III’s predecessor, the Littmann Classic II SE). If you feel, however, that you need a stethoscope with maximum acoustic performance, you might consider one of the following models:

  • Littmann Cardiology IV
  • Littmann Master Cardiology
  • Littmann 3200 electronic stethoscope
  • Littmann Classic III features:

    • Available in a wide range of attractive colours
    • Two-sided diaphragm with 'tunable' technology for both the adult and the pediatric side.
    • The diaphragm "in one piece" is easy to clean and guarantees maximum hygiene. It prevents the risk of infections caused by dirt between the diaphragm and rim.
    • New technology makes the tube less susceptible to alcohol and skin-fat, securing extended durability.
    • The small pediatric diaphragm is ideally suited for use with children, lung patients and patients wearing a bandage. But also auscultation of the carotids is much easier.
    • Ergonomic designed stainless steel chestpiece with a basic "open side" indicator.
    • Snap-Tight soft-sealing ear tips for a comfortable "fit" and undisturbed auscultation
    • 5 years warranty
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    Model Littmann Classic III
    Beroepen Anesthesist, SEH-arts, Huisarts, Internist , Neuroloog, Kinderarts, Longarts, Andere artsen, Student, Verpleegkundige
    Borststuk Dubbelzijdig, roestvrij staal
    Membraan Type Dubbelzijdig membraan
    Electronische stethoscoop Nee
    Overall Acoustic Performance 8
    Slanglengte 71,1 cm
    Slangtype Enkelvoudige slang
    Warranty 5 years
    Patiëntgroepen Volwassenen & kinderen
    Fabrikant 3M Littmann
    Diaphragm diameter 1.3"/3.3 cm, 1.75"/4.4 cm
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    Artikelnummer student-litmann-cl3
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    Étudiante en médecine j'ai choisi ce stéthoscope qui est de très bonne qualité !
    Les embouts mous sont très confortables pour les oreilles, d'autant plus qu'on a le choix car les deux tailles sont fournies !
    Je l'ai fait graver à mon nom, la gravure est discrète.
    Ce que j'ai vraiment aimé : colis arrivé 3j après avoir commandé !

    Review door Anaëlle - 3 oktober 2016